Our Expansion To The Gold Coast

We’ve expanded to the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

At BoatBuy, we’re no stranger to the sunshine state. Our boat inspections have taken us to the Gold Coast and Brisbane numerous times.

I started BoatBuy six years ago, with the aim to help as many boat owners as possible. We aim to provide an all-inclusive report with a focus on providing the best customer service possible. The thought of expanding interstate didn’t cross my mind at the time. After years of implementing systems and improving our service, we are ready.

Why Gold Coast and Brisbane? 

On our regular trips to the Gold Coast, we noticed the incredible boat repair facilities at your fingertips. Facilities such as Gold Coast City Marina, Maritimo Service and Shipyard Hope Harbour, The Boat Works and Riviera, it’s like walking into a boat owner’s dream. I knew BoatBuy had to be there. Who wouldn’t want to be next to the boat-builders Riviera and Maritimo?

There are over 230,000 recreational boats registered in Queensland, and with industry events like the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the Gold Coast was an easy choice as our next location. Additionally, it’s a short 80 minute flight between Sydney and the Gold Coast. This makies it easy for our team to travel when needed. 

Who’s Behind the Gold Coast and Brisbane?

Newest to the team is Brendan Sutton who offers our Pre-Purchase Marine Surveys on the Gold Coast. Brendan worked with the some of the most well-respected mechanical workshops in Sydney, before migrating to the Gold Coast with his family. In particular, Brendan’s extensive experience at Callaghans Marine rebuilding IPS drives and Volvo products was a standout, considering the popularity of them in Australia. We pride ourselves in having the most thorough and fair reports in the industry. Having highly experienced tradesmen like Don and Brendan onboard will ensure we keep push the industry standard. 

Since starting BoatBuy in 2015, I have always stayed true to the belief that engines are as equally important as the hull. I mean, without them you wouldn’t be going very far! Over the years as a marine mechanic, the majority of high ticket repairs stem from engines. This includes machinery, drives or their associated components. For this reason, I have made it a prerequisite that all BoatBuy team members have relevant qualifications, experience and knowledge in diagnosing and repairing engines. Being dual-certified as Marine Engineers and Surveyors means that we can provide the most thorough report in the industry, covering all components from bow to stern.

Why should you book an inspection or survey with BoatBuy?

BoatBuy is now a team of two highly experienced Marine Engineers and Surveyors, which presents us with the opportunity to help educate more people about buying a boat. A team of more than just one person also allows us to have in-house conversations, enabling us to stay up to date and on top of the latest problems emerging in the marine industry. 

With our speciality in surveying and pre-purchase inspections, we have become really good at what we do. Whilst most other surveyors dabble in a range of other services, our bread and butter is inspecting and surveying boats for pre-purchase or insurance. We get to see and inspect boats at all different stages of their life. We also get to see a breakdown of any repairs that have taken place, the cost of those repairs, and who repaired it. Later down the track, we often see how those repairs have held up in the years to come. We have created a community within our own company, and collaborate to ensure that we are providing a better report for our customers collectively. 

A commitment to quality

I’ve spent the past six years not only inspecting and surveying hundreds of boats each year, but I have also heavily invested time and money in other important areas of the business. This includes streamlining BoatBuy’s systems and procedures, developing an in-house company app which ensures that a succinct and accurate report will be delivered, each and every time, regardless of who’s inspecting it. Being qualified marine engineers means that while we have years of experience repairing engines, we’re not on the tools anymore, so you have peace of mind knowing that our defect list is not an attempt to drum-up repair work for ourselves. We also understand that buying and selling a boat can be time-sensitive, so most of our reports are delivered on the same day of inspection. 

Our promise at BoatBuy is clear. When you book an inspection or survey you’ll receive a report that is unbiased, fair and thorough. 

Our Aim

I had one initial aim when starting BoatBuy. This was to provide our customers with a detailed survey and mechanical inspection, delivered in the same report. Engines can be half the cost of the boat (and sometimes more). They can also be the source of many mechanical issues. Therefore I wanted to create a company that put an equal focus on the mechanical component of an inspection. 

Fast-forward a few years, and my initial aim has not changed. We not only intend on providing the most comprehensive report in the industry. We also want to broaden our reach, making our services available to as many people as possible. Continual improvement in our systems and processes is also high on our radar. If we think things can be done in a better way for our customers, we will do it. Lastly, collectively sharing information amongst the team is critical to our success. We become more aware of the common problems experienced by boat owners. This results in us producing a better, more informed survey report. 

It’s important to remember a large percentage of buyers are relatively new to boat ownership. Therefore receiving unbiased advice is crucial to enjoying your new toy. You also want to be safe out on the water with family and friends. Our advice doesn’t just stop at our report — we aim to regularly post content on our website, newsletter, social media platforms, and YouTube channel with commonly asked questions that we get on a daily basis. With the marine industry constantly changing, there is always a need for content to be updated. We’re always thinking of ways that we can reach and help as many people as possible in the boating industry. 

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