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Accepted by all major Insurers, we provide a prompt and efficient service so you can obtain a policy from your underwriter. All our reports are completed digitally, and delivered the same day.

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What is an Insurance Survey?

A boat insurance survey, also referred to as a Risk Evaluation report is provided to an insurance company upon their request when renewing or starting a policy. The report is required so the underwriter can assess the risk of insuring the boat. Each insurer has different requirements, but typically they are required for boats 10 + years old operated in-shore, and 5 + years old operated off shore.

Depending on the insurer’s requirements, they can request either an in-water or out of water survey, where, if the boat is not on a trailer, it must be slipped to gain access. Common points of failure are inspected and recommendations can be made to bring the boat up to a seaworthy standard.

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Hull And Structure


How much does it cost?

From $350 for boats up to 22ft
All prices include GST
Vessel size The BoatBuy Insurance Survey
0-22ft or 0-6.7m $350
23-30ft or 6.8m-9.1m $450
30-50ft or 9.2m to 15.2m $650
50-60ft or 15.3m to 18.3m $920
61ft + or 18.4m + Contact us for a quote

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    Recent Reviews

    Read what our previous customers are saying:

    • Julian C Avatar
      Julian C
      - Google

      Some of the best customer service I have experienced. Very prompt, responsive and keen to help in any way they can. Aaron and Don are extremely knowledgeable and provided a very comprehensive report. They are also just all round great guys. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

      Alan Chang Avatar
      Alan Chang
      - Google

      I engaged boatbuy after reading about them on the web. Spoke to Aaron a few times about my concerns. I found Aaron to be friendly, matter of fact and systematic. The survey uncovered quite a few problems so I never went ahead with the purchase. The inspection had certainly given... read more

    • Jackie Laycock Avatar
      Jackie Laycock
      - Google

      Don from Boatbuy was very thorough, patient and great to deal with. Aaron was very helpful in setting up the survey with the marina. Although we didn't proceed with the sale, we were very comfortable with the level of detail provided.

      Hesham Badr Avatar
      Hesham Badr
      - Google

      Aaron is a very thorough, experienced marine guy. Could not stress more on how much I recommend anyone to get Aaron to have a look at any boat before you buy!

    • Manny Perez Avatar
      Manny Perez
      - Google

      I would recommend BoatBuy to anyone without a doubt! Very professional and reliable. The best customer serviceThanks for answering all my questions

      Executive Property Services Avatar
      Executive Property Services
      - Google

      It was a very good professional service being a purchaser from another state with COVID restrictions in place Aaron and Don still made it a very easy journey. From day one before even engaging boatbuy to inspect a boat I was already watching all their videos in YouTube of what... read more

    • Treve Bird Avatar
      Treve Bird
      - Google

      BoatBuy did a very professional, detailed job. They know their boats and know what to look for. Good on-time service with excellent multi-page report.

      Eddie Wong Avatar
      Eddie Wong
      - Google

      Luckily I found BoatBuy helping me doing the survey for my first boat. As a first boat buyer I know nothing about boat. The survey report provided by them is absolutely comprehensive and professional.They found the critical issue on Transom Assembly which will cost me $100k to repair.I'll definitely ask... read more

    • Agius Kids Fam Cam Avatar
      Agius Kids Fam Cam
      - Google

      Aaron and Don both went above and beyond helping me surprise my husband with a boat on his 40th! Easy to deal with and always on call. Thank you so much for all your help couldn’t have surprised him without you!

      andrew white Avatar
      andrew white
      - Google

      Boatbuy produced a honest and detailed pre purchase report for the boat I was looking at purchasing. Aaron personally called and ran you through the report. He explained things thoroughly and gave you confidence in the report. I will use their services again.

    • Paul Ciantar Avatar
      Paul Ciantar
      - Google

      Aaron from boat by is a professional at what he does. A reliable detailed service telling you what you need to know at the right time.Thanks Aaron.

      Tim Beck Avatar
      Tim Beck
      - Google

      Prompt service, more photos than expected and great to deal with.

    • Archie Middleton Avatar
      Archie Middleton
      - Google

      Aaron helped me through the process of purchasing a second hand boat in sydney whilst living in Brisbane. The idea of buying a boat sight unseen freaks me out but he was so honest with his inspection and walked me through any of boats issues In a way I could... read more

      Brendan Philp Avatar
      Brendan Philp
      - Google

      We used Aaron for an interstate inspection. Extremely professional and helpful. Unfortunately it didn't end up being the boat for us but Aaron's thorough and expert advice was essential in making the decision.

    • David Gillard Avatar
      David Gillard
      - Google

      As a Mechanical Engineer I was initially hesitant to engage a third party to do a pre-purchase inspection. Aaron provided excellent service, was highly professional and proved to be very knowledgeable. His expert investigation identified key areas of risk which allowed informed negotiation on price to take place. I... read more

      tristan cocks Avatar
      tristan cocks
      - Google

      Absolutely brilliant. Stopped the inspection after finding issues and refunded the cost of incomplete inspection. Very honest and reliable. Saved me what would of been a fortune. Couldnt recommend him more.

    • Mitch Evans Avatar
      Mitch Evans
      - Google

      Aaron from Boat Buy has been nothing but exceptional from my first phone call enquiry, to his simple online booking form, through to his extremely thorough boat survey. He also provided detailed post survey information that assisted me making an informed decision on my purchase. I would be the first... read more

      adel hindi Avatar
      adel hindi
      - Google

      Wonderful great service friendly helpful

    • cameron Yates Avatar
      cameron Yates
      - Google

      I can highly recommend BoatBuy. Recently I had Aaron carry out a pre purchase inspection of a boat I was buying in Sydney. With the borders being closed across Australia due to Covid-19 I was unable to fly across and check out things myself so I was really relying on... read more

      Jennifer Lawrence Avatar
      Jennifer Lawrence
      - Google

      Prompt service, extremely helpful and spent time going over details regarding my boat. Very pleasant to deal with would highly recommend.

    • Antony Collins Avatar
      Antony Collins
      - Google

      Got to say, Aaron from Boat Buy is fantastic.He showed so much patience dealing with my brother and I on an inspection for a particular boat.We are both novices when it comes to boating but Aaron guided us through the process, explained things so we could understand easily and also... read more

      Moritz Kurys-Romer Avatar
      Moritz Kurys-Romer
      - Google

      Aaron performed a pre purchase inspection at short notice. The inspection was thorough and accurate. Much appreciated.

    • Ken Armstrong Avatar
      Ken Armstrong
      - Google

      Excellent service from Aaron with friendly and highly competent advice. I would recommend BoatBuy to anyone considering a purchase.

      Colin Gilbert Avatar
      Colin Gilbert
      - Google

      Aaron was recommended to us as the guy you need when purchasing a boat. He made the process easy and gave us the confidence we needed to proceed with the purchase. Being almost 3000klms away from the boat, it was important to us to receive such a detailed report with... read more

    • Tasha Dal Bianco Avatar
      Tasha Dal Bianco
      - Google

      I have always had a positive experience dealing with Aaron and his team. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and well connected. The attention to detail and customer service far exceeded my expectations and left me overall extremely satisfied with doing business with BoatBuy.

      phil Anderson Avatar
      phil Anderson
      - Google

      Boatbuy's service offering both survey and mechanical inspections makes organizing inspections very easy. Aaron's attention to detail, communication skills, advice and assistance during and after the inspection are commendable. Excellent service! Excellent value!

    • Constance Attard Avatar
      Constance Attard
      - Google

      Worth every cent. The inspection was extremely thorough, and the report was easy to read and evaluate. I fell in love with a boat, and Aaron's inspection covered all the defects, including a ranking into high, medium and low risk. Seeing the information in black and white, brought me back... read more

      Allan Morgan Avatar
      Allan Morgan
      - Google

      I found Aaron an absolute gentleman, he couldn't do enough for me. The purchase was successful and Aaron's report (very professional content) allowed me to purchase the boat a lot cheaper although I need to throw a couple of bob on it I was really a good buy. Thanks Aaron... read more

    • Martin Weallans Avatar
      Martin Weallans
      - Google

      I have used BoatBuy twice to undertake surveys on boats that I was looking to buy and the survey reports they provided on the boats gave me a very clear understanding of both the good aspects of the boat as well as the areas that I would need to address.They... read more

      jan mcbryde Avatar
      jan mcbryde
      - Google

      We recently used Aaron to inspect a cruiser we were going to purchase - all good visually and low hours on motors. It was not our first boat purchase either but we were coming from a trailer boat background. His very detailed structural/ electrical/ mechanical survey picked up major problems... read more

    • Robert Avatar
      - Google

      Great service and very comprehensive report. Aaron was very professional in his dealings with me.

      Merv Baird Avatar
      Merv Baird
      - Google

      Very easy to deal with and had everything addressed in the report Aaron carried out

    • Marcella Merck Avatar
      Marcella Merck
      - Google

      I engaged Boatbuy before making a final offer on the boat we did end up buying and Boatbuy has been the best dollars spent so far. They offer both structural and mechanical/electrical survey in one, which is not common. They provided a thorough, honest yet unbiased assessment of the vessel... read more

      Owen Donald Avatar
      Owen Donald
      - Google

      Excellent pre-purchase survey - thorough and comprehensive, including all the usual visual inspections in and out of the water but also engine and gearbox functions, electrical components and electronics. Oil testing covered for reasonable cost - so important for assessing engine and gearbox condition. Undertaking a thorough survey is... read more

    • sasa sestic Avatar
      sasa sestic
      - Google

      top service, prompt professional and very detailed .

      James Moss Avatar
      James Moss
      - Google

      Aaron and the team were very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services before making any purchase.

    • Andrew Nugent Avatar
      Andrew Nugent
      - Google

      A really thorough and balanced approach. Excellent work, and really got on with it. Very easy to engage with and open and honest responses to questions. Would highly recommend.

      Peter Werner Avatar
      Peter Werner
      - Google

      We had an extremely useful three hours with Aaron on our new boat. It has been 20 years since owning our last boat, and first time with a powerful outboard. Aaron was great at explaining everything, patient and good at pushing us when we needed it. He should be... read more

    • Mark Lawrence Avatar
      Mark Lawrence
      - Google

      Hi I am from Melbourne and looking to buy my first boat which is located in Sydney. Having Aaron assist me navigate through the boat check process has been invaluable. Many thanks Aaron!

      Ivan Bojanovic Avatar
      Ivan Bojanovic
      - Google

      BoayBuy is #1 hands down when it comes to boat surveys and services that they provide.Aaron is highly knowledgeable, professional and someone I would highly recommended. Would not buy a boat any other way. 10/10 - well worth the investment. I will definitely be using BoatBuy services in the future... read more

    • Daniel Tolomeo Avatar
      Daniel Tolomeo
      - Google

      Wow so happy to have picked the best boat survey guy to inspect the sea ray 300 I was looking to purchase gave me piece of mind with his thorough inspection. Would highly recommend Aaron to all potential boat buyers absolutely no his stuff . Thx Aaron

      Tony K Avatar
      Tony K
      - Google

      I engaged Aaron to assess a purchase for me. I had very little experience, so his advice was critical to me. Aaron was recommended by someone highly regarded, and I can confirm that his approach was very professional and gave me comfort with his conclusion. ... read more

    • Peter Hawkins Avatar
      Peter Hawkins
      - Google

      We used Aaron to purchase our Boat, the service was fantastic and Aaron was always happy to help, answer questions and made the whole process very simple. Could not recommend him highly enough

      Alex Gambotto Avatar
      Alex Gambotto
      - Google

      If i could give Aaron 6 stars i would. He is a true gentleman and very knowledgeable about his craft. (excuse the pun) I would recommend him to anyone, but especially people who are maybe nervous about their knowledge on boats. Huge respect!

    • Abby Clarke Avatar
      Abby Clarke
      - Google

      Aaron was knowledgeable, highly responsive and easy to deal with. Would without hesitation recommend his services.

      Ray Smith Avatar
      Ray Smith
      - Google

      I was interested in buying a 23ft Whittley out of Sydney i was watching it on boat sales for over six months. As i live on the Gold Coast QLD and working in Broken Hill NSW i did not have the time to go to Sydney to even look... read more

    • Julian Bechini Avatar
      Julian Bechini
      - Google

      Engaged Aaron for a pre-purchase inspection. He undertook a thorough survey and took the time to explain to me and the nearby mechanic the issues that needed attention. Great guy and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Aaron and Boatbuy to others wanting to buy a boat with... read more

      Garry Marsh Avatar
      Garry Marsh
      - Google

      I used Aaron to assess a boat I was planning to purchase. Friends who had been around boats did the initial assessment but thankfully I decided to use Boatbuy. Aaron found some engine issues that others couldn't as well as some other problems previously undetected. He explained all the... read more

    • Nick Boucher Avatar
      Nick Boucher
      - Google

      Boatbuy is thorough and professional.The report on the boat i wanted to buy was very clear and understandable. Aaron produced the report the same day, and followed it up with several txt messages and a phone call to clearly explain every detail of the report.There was a couple of small... read more

      Blackpumkin 666 Avatar
      Blackpumkin 666
      - Google

      Pre-purchase inspection of a Boat, Absolutely amazing service and communication, highly recommended.

    • Ed Ho Avatar
      Ed Ho
      - Google

      I was looking several months for a decent boat and thought going up in budget would solve but got continually dissapointed. So i started looking for help and glad i found Aaron of Boatbuy. I was impressed with the helpfull nature of the boatbuy website, and this helpfull nature is... read more

      The Agent Avatar
      The Agent
      - Google

      Aaron is an excellent marine technician and surveyor, He was on time and thorough in his inspection of a used Riviera that I was purchasing. The cost of using him was insignificant compared to the work required to ensure the vessel was seaworthy. I highly recommend Boat Buy and look... read more

    • Richard Plicha Avatar
      Richard Plicha
      - Google

      GREAT SERVICE! We decided it prudent to have a pre-purchase survey of an 18’6” fibreglass boat, even though buying from a Dealer. I was very pleased with Aaron’s responsiveness & professionalism to this task.I gained some valuable knowledge, in attending for the survey (at Aaron’s encouragement), which included... read more

      Chris Amcha Avatar
      Chris Amcha
      - Google

      Very Highly recommended and and a great person to deal with.

    • Anthony Cachia Avatar
      Anthony Cachia
      - Google

      Excellect service, communication and thorough report.

      Bruce Hodgins Avatar
      Bruce Hodgins
      - Google

      Aaron offers an outstanding service to those who need to build confidence and learn how to handle and understand their boat. Friendly, encouraging, knows how fast to push you and thoroughly professional...and is reliable. Highly recommended!

    • Skyfreak Avatar
      - Google

      I would recommend Boatbuy to anybody thats buying a boat. They are really helpful and service is great. They will find anything thats wrong with a boat if you do a pre purchase inspection with boatbuy. You are in safe hands if you use boatbuy

      Lucas Neal Avatar
      Lucas Neal
      - Google

      Highly recommend using Aaron from Boat BuyFound a few issues with second boat I was looking at which ultimately would of ended up in me damaging the near new engine.So for me, purchasing the inspection saved me a fortune in issues, tine off the water and a danger for anyone... read more

    • Debbie Matthews Avatar
      Debbie Matthews
      - Google

      Very efficient, polite and professional. Trying to arrange a boat inspection from interstate, not easy. Until I rang Aaron, he sorted everything. Thank you

      Steve Nightingall 4WD Recon Australia Avatar
      Steve Nightingall 4WD Recon Australia
      - Google

      This was not my first boat but it was the first time I was wise enough to get a professional servey done as one of the conditions of sale.Boy was is worth it! The service was very quick ( two days) and included absolutely every last detail.The end result... read more

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    BoatBuy are the leaders in Surveying, specialising in Pre-Purchase Survey and Mechanical Inspections. We are completely independent and do not sell boats, meaning we can provide unbiased advise to assist you with your purchase.

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