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Who Are We?

Founded in 2015, we are the industry leaders in providing detailed Surveys and Mechanical Inspections. Coming from an engineering background, our reports are in a category of their own. Our inspections go far beyond a traditional hull survey – we combine both a mechanical and structural survey into one comprehensive report.

Specialising in inspections only, we get the opportunity to inspect hundreds of boats each year, ensuring that you are working with the most experienced and professional team in Australia.

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Meet The Team

Aaron O’Donoghue
NSW & QLD - Marine Surveyor & Engineer

Growing up close by to the water, I started boating at age 12 after discovering it was the first license I could get. It was my ticket to freedom, growing up with a small De Havilland tinny fitted with 4hp motor exploring the Lane Cove River. Little did I know it would progress to a life on the water.

By age 15, I wanted to get out of school and straight into an apprenticeship after doing a week of work experience with a Marine Mechanic. I door knocked at a few local boat shops[…]

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Rachael Fisher
NSW & QLD - Customer Service & Social Media

I’ve been working at BoatBuy behind the scenes, since the inception in 2015. My career background included a number of customer service roles, and I am very passionate about continually improving the customer experience for new and exisiting customers.

My love of customer service expanded into social media, where I would experiment with the BoatBuy socials having successfully grown both the Instagram, Facebook and Youtube mediums over the years […]

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Donald Nicholson
NSW - Marine Surveyor & Engineer

Growing up on the Isle of Barra on the West Coast of Scotland (population of around 1100), my family owned and operates a fleet of fishing vessels that mainly fish for prawns and lobsters. I can remember  going fishing with my uncles from a young age – and it was here that I grew a passion to be on the water.

By 17, I decided to move to Glasgow and complete a degree in Marine and Mechanical Engineering. Being fully qualified by age 20, my experience has taken me to 41 different countries. […]

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Brendan Sutton
QLD - Marine Surveyor & Engineer

Having lived just a stones throw away from the beach and river throughout his childhood, and being in the water daily whether it be surfing, boating or fishing throughout his teenage years, Brendan started working seasonally between the Snowy Mountains (for the snowboarding), Northern NSW (his hometown) and the Whitsundays (for the island lifestyle) into his 20s when he realised he couldn’t keep living the dream forever. He ended up choosing the next best thing for his career – a Marine Technician.⁠

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