The Best Christmas Presents for the Boater in Your Family

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the boater in your life. Whether they’re a seasoned sailor (or like us – a stink boat driver) or just getting started, there are plenty of great Christmas presents out there that are sure to put a smile on their face. Below are our top 15 boating-related Christmas presents to consider adding to your list, categorised by price.

Christmas Presents $100 and under

Have a smaller budget? These three gifts are perfect for the boater who cruises around on something smaller who typically doesn’t have all amenities on board, all the time. They could also double up as perfect gifts for the pool or beach. I bought my wife the Country Road beach towel this year – trust me, if she asked for it, it must be good!

  1. JBL Go 3 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof) – $59.00
  2. 1.2L Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask – $69.99
  3. Country Road Beach Towel – $74.95

Christmas Presents $100 to $200

Our next gift recommendations are for the adventurous boater. If you could imagine your loved one deep diving into the water and having a snorkel, getting towed behind their boat, or throwing in a line – these presents would be absolutely perfect!

  1. Snorkling Set – $109.99
  2. Tow Tube – $129.00
  3. Fishing Rod – $169.99

Christmas Presents $200 to $300

So they have a boat, but do they have outfit to match? If you’re out on the water year round, I’d say it’s essential to have a decent pair of polarised sunglasses and some wind jackets with you, regardless of what season we’re in. It’s summer in Sydney right now, and we whipped out our wind jackets just last week!

  1. Oakley Polarised Sunglasses – $264.00
  2. Musto Men’s BR1 Sardinia Jacket – $279.95
  3. Musto Women’s BR1 Sardinia Jacket – $279.95

Christmas Presents $300 to $500

These gifts are all about boating safety. You’re never too experienced to brush up on some boating skills, or cautious enough to have an EPIRB or safety kit on board. In fact, it’s mandatory to have an EPIRB with you if you’re in open waters and more than 2 metres from the shore.

  1. Ocean Signal GPS RescueMe EPIRB – $379.99
  2. Life Cell Trailer Boat 2-4 Person Safety Case – $399.99
  3. BoatWise 3 Hour Private Tuition Gift Card – $407.00

Christmas Presents $500 and above

So the boater in your life has been nice (not naughty) this year, huh? What better way to splurge on them than something for the thing they love most in life… their boat! If they don’t have these items on board already, we guarantee they would be on Santa’s wish list!

  1. DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo Plus – $1188.00
  2. Aqua Lily Pad “Bullfrog” – $1350.00
  3. Galleymate 2000 Gas Barbecue – $1499.00

If you’ve been struggling to find that perfect boating gift this year, we hope this list has helped!

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