The Best & Worst Boat Ramps On The Gold Coast

In this article we’ve been out and visited all 32 boat ramps on the Gold Coast, starting on the northern end and working out way down to the furtherest south. We’ve rated them with a score of 1 to 10, so you can drive straight to the best ramp and avoid all the fuss. For a printable list you can visit the Gold Coast council website here.

Table of Contents

Ramps included in this article including ratings out of 10:

  1. Alberton Rd, Alberton – 8/10
  2. Patterson Rd, Yatala – 2/10
  3. Cabbage Tree Point – 7/10
  4. Jacobs Well – 10/10
  5. Coleman Rd, Coomera – 4/10
  6. Tallawood Rd, Coomera – 7/10
  7. Pinaroo St, Santa Barbara – 7/10
  8. Watersports Lane, Oxenford – 7/10
  9. John Signato Park, Upper Coomera – 5/10
  10. Boykambil Esplande, Boykambil – 7/10
  11. Donald Ave, Paradise Point – 7/10
  12. Lands End (Ray St Boat Ramp) – 6/10
  13. The Spit, Main Beach (North and South) – 8/10
  14. Isle Of Capri – 3/10
  15. Budds Beach – 4/10
  16. Southport Broadwater Parklands – 10/10
  17. Emerald Lakes – 4/10
  18. Nerang – 7/10
  19. Harley Park, Labrador – 6/10
  20. Loders Creek, Labrador – 5/10
  21. Howard St, Runaway Bay – 5/10
  22. Holly Ave, Hollywell – 5/10
  23. Jasmine Ave, Hollywell – 5/10
  24. Turana St, Coombahah – 5/10
  25. Jabiru Island, Paradise Point – 7/10
  26. Carrara Road, Carrara – 4/10
  27. Broadbeach Waters – 6/10
  28. Awoonga Ave, Burleigh Heads – 2/10
  29. Murlong Crescent, Palm Beach – 7/10
  30. Winder Park, Currumbin – 6/10
  31. Thrower Drive, Currumbin – 8/10

1. Alberton Rd, Alberton Boat Ramp


Alberton Rd Boat Ramp Alberton Rd Parking

The northernmost ramp of the Gold Coast. A wide single ramp that enters into the Logan River. This ramp is in a secluded location, and suitable for larger boats as it has drive around access. Enough parking for 17, public toilets and a floating pontoon to make loading up a breeze.

Location: Alberton Rd, Alberton
Rating: 8/10

2. Patterson Rd, Yatala Boat Ramp


Patterson Road Boat Ramp

This ramp if you can find it, is sure to be quiet most of the time. Being a single ramp with no facilities surrounded by parks. Don’t rely on google maps to get you there as you’ll end up on the wrong side of the river, and no, you can’t drive across the footbridge and it’s a long drive around!

Location: Patterson Rd, Yatala
Rating: 2/10

3. Cabbage Tree Point Boat Ramp


Cabbage Tree Boat Ramp Cabbage Tree Boat Ramp

A 3 lane ramp in Stieglitz, closest access to the southern Moreton bay islands. Plenty of room to manoeuvre your trailer, boasting street parking and a car park catering for 30 with trailers. Public toilets close by, a sandy beach surrounds for loading and a kids playground with BBQs. A very busy location.

Location: Cabbage Tree Boat Ramp, Stieglitz
Rating: 7/10

4. Jacobs Well Boat Ramp


Jacobs Well Boat Ramp Jacobs Well Parking

A double lane ramp (soon to be 4 once construction finishes) with sandy beach to the side and fixed wharf a little further along. A bait shop, camping ground frontage and loads of parking, its a one-stop-shop. There is construction of a new floating walkway and pontoon underway, once construction is complete I can see this facility being a 10/10.

Update on construction progress:

Location: Jacobs Well
Rating: 10/10

5. Coleman Rd, Coomera Boat Ramp


Coleman Rd Boat Ramp Coleman Rd Parking

This is one of two ramps in Coomera. With a gravel car park for 15, it’s a steep drive down into a single lane turning bay to set up for reversing the ramp. You could find yourself waiting as only one vehicle can launch or retrieve at a time.

Location: Coleman Rd, Coomera
Rating: 4/10

6. Tallawood Rd, Coomera Boat Ramp


Tallawood Rd Boat Ramp Tallawood Rd Parking

Another option in Coomera is this single ramp with floating pontoon for loading. Located next to a park with playground, public toilets and BBQ, a great spot though parking could be an issue and there is limited space to turn a trailer around.

Location: Tallawood Rd, Coomera
Location: 7/10

7. Pinaroo St, Santa Barbara Boat Ramp


Pinaroo St Boat Ramp Pinaroo St Parking

A wide double ramp with plenty of space to turn a trailer and rig and de-rig your boat. A separate parking lot caters for 20 trailers with public toilets, shower and a large foreshore reserve. A nice and quiet ramp through the week.

Location: Pinaroo St, Santa Barbara
Rating: 7/10

8. Watersports Lane, Oxenford Boat Ramp


Watersports Lane Boat Ramp Watersports Lane Parking

A well designed split double ramp, car park for 50 and one-way traffic for launching. However there is only a gravelly side beach to pull a boat up on which lowers the appeal. A centre floating pontoon would greatly benefit this ramp, without one this rates as a 7/10.

Location: Watersports Lane, Oxenford
Rating: 7/10

9. John Signato Park, Upper Coomera Boat Ramp

John Signato Boat Ramp John Signato Parking

A single ramp in a very peaceful spot allows launching into calm waters, though with a few rocks around. To either side a gravel beach to gently pull your boat onto. Parking directly opposite the ramp for 8. There is also a dog park and kids playground nearby.

Location: Gawler Place, Upper Coomera
Rating: 5/10

10. Boykambil Esplande, Boykambil Boat Ramp


Boykambil Boat Ramp Boykambil Parking

A single ramp with a nice wide sandy beach to the side, perfect to pull up onto. There is parking for 10, a fixed wharf along the foreshore, BBQ, public toilets and kids playground. Retrieving could become a little tricky as water moves quickly across the approach with the wind and tide.

Location: Boykambil Esplande, Boykambil
Rating: 7/10

11. Donald Ave, Paradise Point Boat Ramp


Paradise point parking

This ramp at Paradise Point is a double lane ramp with a very subtle launching gradient. This means the ramp is best suited to smaller boats unless you don’t mind dunking your car in for a salt bath! There is a full length floating dock to the side of the ramp, making it easy for a single person launch and retrieve. A sandy beach skirts the side and with calm water access, this ramp is a top pick for a trouble free day out on the water. Plenty of trailer parking, bathroom facilities and even a small chandlery if you happen to forget the bungs.

Location: Esplanade, Paradise Point
Rating: 7/10

12. Lands End Boat Ramp (Ray St Boat Ramp)


Lands End Boat Ramp Lands End Parking

This ramp at Runaway Bay is a small single lane ramp with direct access into Biggera Creek, again best suited to smaller boats. Close access to the Broadwater (if you can fit under the bridge) or a day exploring the canals. You may find this to be a quieter option on the weekends, although there is limited parking next to the ramp.

Location: 2 Bayview St, Runaway Bay
Rating: 6/10

13. The Spit, Main Beach Boat Ramps (North & South)


Main Beach North Boat Ramp Main Beach Parking

The Spit Main Beach South Boat Ramp
South Ramp

This boat ramp located on The Spit, Main Beach has a plethora of parking, with 2 ramps to choose from (north and south), white sandy beaches to bow up to and a floating pontoon for ease of boarding. Toilets and showers are onsite and this ramp boasts direct broadwater access. Keep in mind that some charter operators use these facilities for loading and unloading, so this adds to the amount of people here. Through the week a top pick, however expect some crowds on the weekends.

Location: Muriel Henchman Dr, Main Beach
Rating: 8/10

14. Isle of Capri Boat Ramp


Isle Of Capri Boat Ramp Isle Of Capri Parking

Not much to this single ramp besides the picturesque skyline. With minimal parking, nowhere to tie-up and very prone to tidal current, this limits the appeal to many. Possibly a good spot to escape the crowds, but best suited to the more experienced. 

Location: 2 Saint Andrew Avenue, Surfers Paradise

15. Budds Beach Boat Ramp


Budds Beach Boat Ramp Budds Beach Boat Ramp Drone Shot

This is a small single ramp situated in a quiet location. Best suited to launching a kayak or canoe due to the subtle decline and the wide sandy beach to the side. Get in early or you’ll be driving to another ramp, as there is only enough street parking for just a few vehicles with trailers.

Location: 2 Paradise Place, Surfers Paradise
Rating: 4/10

16. Southport Broadwater Parklands Boat Ramp


Southport Broadwater Parklands Boat Ramp

This facility located on the Gold Coast Broadwater is an absolute standout for both convenience and facilities. It comprises of 2 launching bays of double width, floating pontoons along all sides, a separate stand alone wharf for loading and unloading and enough parking to accomodate 90 cars with trailers. This ramp should definitely be near the top of your list.

Location: 136 Marine Parade, Southport
Rating: 10/10

17. Emerald Lakes Boat Ramp


Emerald Lakes Boat Ramp Emerald Lakes Boat Ramp

This ramp at Emerald Lakes is a very wide ramp in another quiet location. You’ll find minimal parking and no amenities. Best for non-powered craft or a day just bobbing around fishing. There are not many places to explore as you’ll be bound by the lake.

Location: Carrara, 4211

18. Nerang Boat Ramp


Nerang Boat Ramp Nerang Parking

Spend the day exploring the Nerang river and cruising through numerous Gold Coast suburbs all the way out to The Spit. The Nerang river sweeps through and around much of the Gold Coast with plenty to see along the way. A well kept double lane ramp and parking for 10, spend a different day on the water away from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast.

Location: 26 Nerang Street, Nerang

19. Harley Park Boat Ramp


Harley Park Gold Coast Boat Ramp Harley Park parking

Located on the northern end of the Gold Coast and with direct Broadwater access, this is not a bad option. Unfortunately it’s in a relatively exposed position so you are heavily affected by wind and tidal movement. Boasting a twin ramp, small jetty, approximately 30 car spots and a sandy beach to the side with public toilet facilities. Opposite the ramp you will also find a couple of restaurants beneath the hotel, and down the street you have a public jetty for pickup/drop-off. Parking becomes full very quickly on a busy day and weekends.

Location: Harley Park, Labrador
Rating: 6/10

20. Loders Creek Boat Ramp


Loders Creek Boat Ramp Loders Creek Parking

What this ramp lacks in facilities (no jetty) it makes up for by being protected from the elements. With a fish wash station, public toilet and parking for 16, this location is worth a visit during the week. Whilst it only provides limited parking, I could imagine this ramp would be flat out on the weekend!

Location: Loders Creek, Labrador
Rating: 5/10

21. Howard St Boat Ramp


Howard St Boat Ramp Howard St parking

A really small single lane ramp with sandy beach nearby. The sand tends to blow on the ramp, causing it to be suitable only for 4WDs and small boats. There is no wharf or toilet at this facility and approximately 13 spots for cars with small trailers near by. Good for a tinny to hit the Broadwater, but not much else. This location is also heavily wind affected.

Location: Howard St, Runaway Bay
Rating: 5/10

22. Holly Ave Boat Ramp


Holly Ave Boat Ramp Holly Ave Facilities

A single lane narrow ramp with very limited parking. A public toilet to the left, this ramp is on the same cross street as the Jasmine Ave ramp, which is walking distance away. With direct Broadwater access it’s a good entry point, although parking can be difficult. There are no wharfs nearby, although the sandy beach is suitable to pull the bow of the boat up to.

Location: Holly Ave, Hollywell
Rating: 5/10

23. Jasmine Ave Boat Ramp


Jasmine Ave Boat Ramp Jasmine Ave Parking

A small ramp, down the cross street from Holly Ave. This ramp does not have a wharf or public toilet, although there is parking for 7 next to the ramp. The public toilets at the ramp on Holly Ave are walking distance. The ramp is quite long and extends out past the sandy beach at a very slight angle, meaning not suitable for large boats.

Location: Jasmine Ave, Hollywell
Rating: 5/10

24. Turana St Boat Ramp


Turana St Boat Ramp Turana St Boat Ramp Wharf

A small single lane in a quiet location with a fixed jetty to the left, although no toilet facilities. This ramp backs onto Coombahah Creek with good protection from the elements, depending which way the wind is blowing. A good option to launch a small boat. The wharf is required as the shoreline is very swampy and there is no sandy beach nearby.

Location: Turana St, Coombahah
Rating: 5/10

25. Jabiru Island Boat Ramp Paradise Point


Jabiru Island Paradise Point Boat Ramp Jabiru Island Parking

With triple lane and double lane ramps side by side, parking for 23 cars with trailers, and public toilet facilities, this is a good option if in the northern end of the Gold Coast. Backing onto the Coombahah Creek it is relatively safe from the elements, making it a good all round ramp to launch a boat at. Suitable for larger crafts as the ramp is designed to allow you to drive around it, lining you up perfectly with the ramp.

Location: Jabiru Island, Paradise Point
Rating: 7/10

26. Carrara Road Boat Ramp


Carrara Road Boat Ramp Carrara Road Parking

This little ramp in Carrara was actually one of the busier ramps we visited. Better suited to smaller boats. Parking is limited to directly in front of the ramp, approximately 6 or 7 can fit safely before starting to impede on the road. This ramp was also being used for unloading of dredged material which could impact your day on the water.

Location: Pidd Family Park, Carrara Road
Rating: 4/10

27. Broadbeach Waters Boat Ramp


Broadbeach Waters Boat Ramp Broadbeach Waters Parking

Wide single ramp with parking allowance of 8 with trailers. Small sections of sandy beach each side of ramp to bow up to after launching. There is also electric BBQs free to use, public toilets and a playground for the kids. Not a bad option however you may be caught out waiting as when we visited we noted commercial operators using the ramp for loading of materials.

Location: 2 T E Peters Drive, Broadbeach Waters
Rating: 6/10

28. Burleigh Heads Boat Ramp


Burleigh Heads Boat Ramp

A single ramp with only street parking, however getting a park could be a real issue as it’s a residential street. Nowhere to tie up (rocks to either side) and when we visited there was also an abandoned sailing catamaran blocking half of the ramp. I question whether anyone actually uses this ramp at all.

Location: Awooga Ave, Burleigh Heads
Rating: 2/10

29. Tallebudgera Creek Boat Ramp


Tallebudgera Creek Boat Ramp Tallebudgera Creek Boat Ramp

A single ramp with floating pontoon to side and sandy beaches. Located down a narrow street with minimal parking of only 8. If you are not confident with reversing a trailer it may be best to skip this ramp as you’ll be required to reverse from the street onto the ramp and could get a lengthy build up of cars waiting to pass. Not a spot for Personal Water Craft as they are prohibited from use in Tallebudgera Creek.

Location: Murlong Cresent, Palm Beach
Rating: 7/10

30. Winder Park Boat Ramp


Winder Park Boat Ramp

A small single lane ramp which boasts clean sandy beaches to both sides. A fish cleaning station for when you return from offshore and electric BBQs to fry up your catch (can’t get much fresher than that). There are also fresh water showers and even a park kitchen with sink and ZIP instant boiling water. The only negative is just parking for less than 10, so be sure to get in early on the weekends.

Location: Winder Park, Currumbin
Rating: 6/10

31. Thrower Drive Boat Ramp

Thrower Drive Boat Ramp Thrower Drive Boat Ramp Facilities

A double width ramp with sandy side beaches, turquoise waters and offshore access. You’ll also find a fish cleaning station, waste tackle disposal bins, a few park tables and fresh water shower at the other end of the car park. We visited this ramp on a Saturday during school holidays and had absolutely no issues with finding a park (enough spaces to accomodate 40 with trailers).

Location: Thrower Drive, Palm Beach
Rating: 8/10


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