The Best Boat Ramps On Sydney Harbour

Growing up in Sydney and being in the marine industry, I’ve visited most of the boat ramps on Sydney Harbour. I haven’t been able to find anything decent online detailing the ramps, so I thought I’d give it a crack.

Manns Point Boat Ramp

Now, this is one ramp I haven’t actually visited, and for good reason. As quoted from Fabien on Google Reviews “Unless you are willing to smash your boat on the concrete, probably the worst boat ramp in Sydney.” Given that there are better boat ramps on Sydney Harbour, it’s probably worth giving this one a miss unless you’re only launching a small boat, such as a small tinny or kayak.

Address: Greenwich Sailing Club, Greenwich

Woolwich Boat Ramp

Located right next to Woolwich Marina, this is a good ramp with a decent floating pontoon. However, the ramp is unprotected from waves. You will get pounded by all oncoming wake from boats heading towards the Harbour. This includes the ferry which goes past constantly every 15-30 minutes. This can be tricky when loading and unloading your boat. If you want somewhere a little quieter, you’ll have to sneak around to Lane Cove at Burns Bay Reserve/Rivierview Boat Ramp.

Address: 2 Margaret St, Woolwich

Riverview / Burns Bay Reserve Boat Ramp

There are a few downfalls to this ramp. The road entering is a little tight, the ramp is only single lane, and the flow of the ramp means you need to turn around just before the ramp, which is not ideal if your trailer boat is a monster. Parking is also limited – I counted 4 spots for trailer parking next to the ramp. You’ll almost always struggle for a spot here on the weekend, but sometimes you’ll get one during the week.

Address: Kooyong Rd, Riverview

Drummoyne Boat Ramp (Five Dock Bay)

I used to regularly visit Drummoyne Boat Ramp, and it is probably the busiest of them all. On a popular day, you’ll drive laps to find a park if you come at peak time – say at 10:00am on the weekend. The ramp itself is decent with an updated floating pontoon right down the centre. This makes it easy to launch, tie-up, and park your car. Parking is ample, with number of trailer and car bays scattered around. Just don’t get caught parking your car in a trailer bay – the rangers are ruthless down here!

Address: Bayswater St, Drummoyne

Cabarita (Kendall Bay)

Stop by Cabarita (Kendall Bay) if you dare, but be aware. You’re going to be launching between a rock and a hard place at low tide at this boat ramp. There is also no floating pontoon, making it a two person job. The ferry blast’s past quite regularly, so, you may well end up on the rocks. Trailer parking is also dismal, and anything inside the park is paid, with the rangers being brutal. Be sure to checkout Bayview Park for a close alternative.

Address: Cabarita Park (Cabarita Rd, Cabarita)

Burwood (Bayview Park)

Photo credit Col Stark

A double launch ramp with a floating pontoon about 25 metres long in very great shape, and immediately adjacent parking (but remember to pay the fee!).  The pontoon runs SE to NW and is well protected from all but westerlies, so in most weather conditions the waters around the ramp are pretty calm – good news for inexperienced boaties.  The only real hazard is that the waters immediately around the ramp and pontoon are not too deep, but this is OK with a bit of navigation care.

Address: Bayview Park (End of Burwood Rd)

Putney (Kissing Point Park)

A little further down the river you’ll find Putney (Kissing Point), which like Drummoyne – is a super busy ramp too. Sure, go in Winter you’ll easily get a spot, but on any sunny day, families will be enjoying the park, taking up some of the parking. This ramp is popular for a few of the commercial guys, and a local boat hire business also operates here. The ramp itself is decent, with a floating pontoon down the end a little smaller than the one at Drummoyne. Just watch out for the regular ferry which will send your boat bobbing into the wharf – so make sure you deploy your fenders when tying your boat up.

Address: Kissing Point Park, Waterview St, Putney

Rhodes Boat Ramp

Just before the bridge on the left, you’ll find Rhodes – a relatively new ramp with an updated floating pontoon. You will still suffer from ferries passing quite regularly, but because of the location you have a lot less private boat traffic than Putney and Woolwich. Parking is limited to about 13 bays, so get in early or miss out.

Address: 93 Blaxland Rd, Rhodes

Wharf Road Boat Ramp


Second last on the west of the river you will find Wharf Road Boat Ramp – a popular ramp for many, with great facilities. A decent amount of parking and a good traffic flow on the ramp, but come on a public holiday (for example, Australia Day) and be prepared to wait. Due to the ramp being relatively private, there have been incidents of jockey wheels, trailer wheels and rollers going missing on trailers that get left here – so take anything off that’s valuable (for example, electric winches) and watch out.

Address: Wharf Road, Melrose Park

Silverwater Boat Ramp

Last ramp on the river is Silverwater. I’m yet to go here and find it busy, but the downside to this ramp is that there is only a fixed pier wharf – making tying up a little trickier. I’m told the ramp can be a little short, so be careful if you’re launching a monster trailer boat on a skid trailer at low tide, as you’ll easily run off the end of the ramp and find it difficult to retrieve your trailer as it sinks down into the mud…

Address: Silverwater Park, closest cross street is Clyde St & Silverwater Rd

What about the other side of the Harbour Bridge?

I haven’t been to all of the boat ramps on Sydney Harbour – but there are three below that I’ve visited and stand out:

Northbridge (Tunks Park)

Not a bad ramp, but parking can be a pain. The street down to the ramp is usually littered with parked cars and boats, making access a little tight. The parking area is paid, but if you launch here, it’s super close to The Spit and Middle Harbour – saving you the commute in your boat and giving you access to the heart of the harbour.

Address: Brothers Ave, Northbridge

Rose Bay (Lyne Park)

This ramp is ideal, because the facilities are great. Although it can get very busy at times, it has a huge floating pontoon to tie-up to, which also helps protect you from wind while you’re launching your boat. Most of the time I’ve visited were mid-week, so I can’t comment on it’s availability on the weekends – but I would imagine it would become very busy with general traffic as there are a lot of other things going on close by – such as sea planes, ferries and general park visitors.

Address: Lyne Park, New South Head Road, Rose Bay

Roseville Bridge Boat Ramp (Davidson Park Boat Ramp)

Photo courtesy of John from

One of the better boat ramps on Sydney Harbour with great facilities. It has dual launching ramps with a floating pontoon down the centre, a third launching bay, and an additional public wharf right next to it for picking up and dropping off passengers. Parking here is paid, but there is plenty of parking for cars with trailers.

Address: Davidson Park – The turn off is located on Warringah Road

Once you’re out on the water, here are 9 spots which should be on your Sydney Harbour bucket list.

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